[Example Sentences]:
1. Thomas wanted to make a movie of the series that got canceled in 2007.
2. No game in the series lasted more than 2:10.
3. The winner of the series will take home a cash prize of more than $20,000.
4. The upcoming announcement marks the last in a series of awards put in place by NASA in 2010.
5. The ride is timed to launch with the upcoming TV series in early 2017.
6. The Indians lead the series 2-0.
7. Lesotho has seen a series of military coups since independence in 1966.
8. Some will use the single point while others will use the series of points.
9. That went through a series of layers to get to the people on the ground.
10. The details of the plot of the Amazon series have yet to be revealed.
11. We also went through a series of reforms that were difficult for a lot of people.
12. Turkey has been hit by a series of attacks in the past year.
13. There comes a time in the life of most TV series when it is time to say goodbye.
14. It was the latest in a series of attacks against the capital since the start of the year.
15. It was the latest in a series of incidents involving men behind the masks.

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