[Definition]: to choose

[Example Sentences]:
1. Now, select the DNS field and enter,
2. You can add in any number of boxes and select a stock.
3. This brings up a menu where you can select which operating system to launch.
4. They will only be available for a select few beta testers.
5. You select one of three stored cards to use for the transaction.
6. The Mac was purchased in volume purchases by a number of enterprise customers in select markets.
7. We should note that this encryption process is only secure if you select a strong password.
8. You can select feeds from a list of news sources or add your own.
9. You can select a single random word and up to five words individually.
10. It will select securities firms to manage the deal in the next month.
11. You can select a type of beer or create your own.
12. You can select any or all of these options.
13. First, you need to find your hard drive in the Finder and select it.
14. You can select a different custom message to appear on your screen when you turn the phone on.
15. Tap it a second time and drag your finger around the screen to easily select text.


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