[Example Sentences]:
1. An outside opinion often seems to have more weight than that of internal staff.10.
2. The most popular Android maker seems to have found the hit the company needed after a rough 2014.
3. It seems like a smart thing and very much in keeping with privacy and security concerns in 2015.
4. It seems that Apple has indeed stopped signing versions of iOS prior to version 7.
5. On the hardware side nobody seems to want the iPhone 5c despite heavy marketing focus on the 5c.
6. It also seems to be far too little for the scale of the problem.
7. It seems like we have a great map app to show you every week.
8. It seems like there is a new kind of router every few years.
9. This seems to be the direction in which the company is heading.
10. He seems to believe this is both possible and desirable.
11. So much seems to happen so quickly in a smartphone month.
12. That seems like solid evidence for a growth in the religion.
13. The attack seems to have been executed on a large scale.
14. He seems to be somebody who is at home with himself. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home