[Example Sentences]:
1. On the surface, this may seem like a good deal because the retail price is $120.
2. The default live wallpaper and touch sounds seem to be ripped right from the PlayStation 3.
3. I had a new iPhone 6, now I seem to have a new iPod Touch 6.
4. One reason might be that few companies seem to take the need seriously.
5. What is it about taxes and the IRS that so many people seem to hate?
6. That would seem to indicate he does not support the current policy of keeping it indefinite.
7. We do have some results that seem to be consistent from study to study.
8. They also seem to rather like being first among their friends to get one.
9. It might not seem like a big problem right now.
10. It may not always be possible or even seem appropriate.
11. They seem to be saying it will take another three months to sort things out with the regulators.
12. That seem to have better results in changing some user behavior.
13. It would seem such rules would be standard for any company.
14. If you look at those early works, they seem a little dark.
15. I used a lot of black paint and the people seem very gray.

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