[Example Sentences]:
1. There are concerns that what we are seeing is a repeat of what happened in December 2013.
2. They should be set up to block people who you do not want seeing your page.
3. We are still seeing evidence that companies are getting hurt by these concerns.
4. I think what we are seeing are trends that are long in motion.
5. The biggest advantage I had was being at Microsoft and seeing the value.
6. He is going to be detained and removed right away without ever seeing a judge.
7. The company said it was seeing some positive traction in its new enterprise application sales.
8. It makes me think that the Fed is seeing something that may not necessarily be there.
9. So a little bit of it is seeing is believing.
10. I have a hard time seeing Apple writing them off entirely.
11. She claimed to be seeing the world in a different light.
12. More people are seeing the value of online classes than they did before.
13. I always enjoy exploring new technology and seeing where it will take me.
14. If lawyers were in there right now, we would not be seeing this turnover.
15. We are seeing some writing on the wall that growth could slow. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home