[Definition]: spring, summer, autumn or winter; add flavors while preparing food

[Example Sentences]:
1. He last played in an NFL regular season game in 2012.
2. It was the holiday season in San Francisco in 2013.
3. Last holiday season Amazon captured 37.9% of online revenue, while Best Buy captured 3.5%.
4. Legacy in action during the first season final for 2016.
5. The show started in 2015, and its second season was released in December 2016.
6. He has 19 walks on the season, only four fewer than he had in all of 2013.
7. So what do you have to do to get a code to download the season on digital HD for a prize worth $39?
8. Last season, he made 402.
9. Her singles record this season was barely over .500 at 25-20.
10. The holiday season will be a test for the new services.
11. They have my back the entire season, and it was no different tonight.
12. Golden State only lost nine times this season and they have never lost on a back-to-back.
13. As we get closer to the holiday season there will be plenty more bargains.
14. Last year was probably the best season in our history because we won everything.
15. We wanted that last season to go on forever.

[Antonyms]contretemps, unseasonableness, untimeliness

[Synonyms]time, period, term © 2020  Terms of Use | Home