verb transitive,noun

[Definition]: to look through

[Example Sentences]:
1. Mozilla has a search revenue deal with Google that has been renewed multiple times since 2005.
2. Time is running out in the search for the black box from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
3. He did not say how long it would take to reach the search area.
4. Google has released a new feature to search for your lost phone or tablet.
5. Microsoft already is working its search technology into some of its apps and services.
6. You can then search by name to find photos of specific friends.
7. They did not have to go out and search for him.
8. In this case the search will likely be the key aspect.
9. The app allows you quickly find and display files based on a search string.
10. Microsoft is trying to do more with social search through its Bing search engine.
11. You can search among thousands of online classes on a number of other platforms.
12. The bank said it will take on a global search to find a replacement.

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