[Example Sentences]:
1. It remains to be seen from which scientists he will take his cue.
2. The space agency said its scientists are focusing on two different concepts.
3. The space agency is now accepting applications from scientists to join one of the four groups.
4. The scientists think the same thing happens at the other pole.
5. Some political scientists said Democrats losses are in line with the political cycle.
6. Some scientists think we are already in the midst of the singularity.
7. If some scientists have their way, the future could be powered by pee.
8. It then sends the processed data back to the scientists who use it in their research.
9. The early results have produced fresh data on the planet that have scientists excited.
10. British scientists have developed a way to charge phones with power created from urine.
11. The scientists employed a number of different tricks to get water to work.
12. Some scientists view their data as the most reliable.
13. So then they buy into the narrative that scientists are being political, and extreme.
14. For that, scientists will need to come up with technologies that can be embedded inside our skulls.
15. There are two questions on which NASA scientists primarily want the drone research to focus. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home