[Example Sentences]:
1. The ruling upheld an earlier decision by an appeals court in 2011.
2. What does the Supreme Court ruling mean to my 401k?
3. Machar, the deputy leader of the ruling party, said he would contest the presidency in 2015.
4. In 1972, a Supreme Court ruling put a moratorium on the death penalty that lasted until 1976.
5. New Jersey already protects the bird, ruling the red knot endangered in 2012.
6. What was just as important as the ruling was that he did not delay it.
7. The ruling came just hours before the ban was to take effect.
8. Facebook probe is the first test of a recent EU ruling on privacy and data transfers.
9. A ruling is expected before the end of the year.
10. These hearing officers will issue this year a proposed ruling about the penalties.
11. His office declined to comment on the ruling while it considers the decision.
12. In light of the ruling, the FCC now says that it wants to appeal.
13. With this latest ruling, this will no longer be the case.
14. Apple has said it will protest the ruling and has until Friday to intervene in court.
15. Apple has appealed the ruling and says the government plan puts the privacy of all users at risk. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home