[Example Sentences]:
1. Do pilots, in fact, stick to these rules
2. The rules are expected to be in place in mid-2017.
3. The rules are expected to go into effect June 12.
4. The existing rules were set out in legislation passed in 2000.
5. The authority for the new rules comes from Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.
6. The FAA is expected to introduce final rules for commercial drone flight in 2016.
7. The current rules tax earnings up to $127,200.
8. Because of declassification rules, that means the document could remain secret until at least 2028.
9. I did create some rules so that my days would be sure to have structure.
10. It may take several years before the court rules on the matter.
11. A game in which Apple must play by a different set of rules than its competitors.
12. There are no clear rules on how to do the job.
13. The new rules would provide an easier way for those businesses to operate legally. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home