[Example Sentences]:
1. Recently, NASA just got the green light to develop the next generation rover, called Mars 2020.
2. When you leave for work in the morning, your rover will go off to run your errands.
3. The rover is also supposed to plant a telescope on the surface.
4. The rover on Mars really has to be patient.
5. Among the experiments the rover will conduct are investigations of the the lunar topsoil.
6. That should better enable the rover to sense if it is slipping during a drilling operation.
7. Each wheel on the rover has its own actuator.
8. Even when the rover is in contact, the signals from Earth to Mars take time to get there and back.
9. The instrument is also designed to peer into drill holes that the rover does.
10. On a voyage to deep space, humans will be more demanding cargo than a rover or satellite.
11. One is a rover suitable to roaming whatever brick planet your child or you.
12. So, no Mars rover or Hubble images at
13. The rover has not drilled any Garden City rocks. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home