[Example Sentences]:
1. A taxi taking the same route might have cost more than $10.
2. The airliner went off course and disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.
3. Thursday and residents were asked to use another route to go to their homes.
4. They appear to have escaped through the only route left open in the south.
5. You can take any route that you want and different teams take wildly different routes.
6. His trial was postponed last week after reports a bomb was found on his route to court.
7. When we reached the end of the route, a small army of police was waiting.
8. It had the route for each day and every stop, with how long I was at each stop.
9. Are you in an area affected by the route of migration?
10. If you are in one of the communities along the route, you have something to worry about.
11. The company will give Mountain View a grant to work out route planning and marketing.
12. If you want to go this route I also recommend upgrading the speakers as well.
13. It is typical to route requests through a host government during relief operations.
14. Yemen is located along an important international shipping route for global energy producers.
15. The plane was following a route well traveled by other airlines.

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