[Example Sentences]:
1. The third and final round will be held late in 2014.
2. Local elections takes place today and the second round on March 29.
3. The second round of voting in the presidential election will be held on June 14.
4. The final round of voting started Friday and ends March 31.
5. The first round of applications will close on 22 April 2014.
6. Its first round of the internship program for women was introduced in 2006 and resumed in 2010.
7. It stood below $1 trillion before the first round of bond purchases in 2008.
8. Their latest round, a $17.3 million Series A, was secured in April 2013.
9. Desire2Learn took $80 million in its only other funding round, a Series A back in September 2012.
10. The first week of June is the deadline for the first round of bids.
11. The current round of violence was the third in just over five years.
12. That much was clear in the outcome of the first round of voting.
13. The high price was blamed on the cost of building and supporting the round display.
14. The agreement was announced during the third round of talks in the last five weeks.
15. In March, the two companies are due back in court for the next round of their battle.

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