[Example Sentences]:
1. Stock prices have roughly doubled since June 2009.
2. It added earnings per share in the next year will be roughly 50% than in 2014.
3. Led by billionaire Elon Musk, SpaceX wants to provide travel to Mars for roughly $200,000.
4. Its stock is up roughly 50% since its first day of trading in November 2013.
5. Yet after a year as a public company its stock remains roughly 40% below its offering price of $38.
6. Costs range from free to roughly $200.
7. The hearing aid will cost roughly $3,000 and be launched globally in the beginning of 2014.
8. That was a 32 percent jump from roughly $4 billion in sales in 2013.
9. The number of construction workers has more than halved from 612,000 in 2005 to roughly 277,000.
10. The final version of the printer will be cut down in size by roughly a third. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home