[Example Sentences]:
1. The first batch of driverless vehicles is expected to roll out for limited use around 2020.
2. The new sedan is expected to roll out next year, and carry a starting price of $35,000.
3. The feature will roll out to more countries in the coming months.
4. I find it hard to believe they will just roll over.
5. Facebook plans to roll it out to other parts of the world in the future.
6. We will share more details down the line if we decide to roll it out more widely.
7. The last thing Lenovo should do is roll up its mobile efforts into a single brand.
8. You can also just save it directly to your camera roll for future use.
9. I expect them both to become ever more useful as the months roll by.
10. Google will roll out the update over the coming days.
11. The company also hopes to roll out the technology in Europe this year.
12. The programs are the first of other shows that Apple intends to roll out through the year.
13. The car with the camera continues to roll forward until the officers are out of the frame.
14. A proposal to roll back net neutrality rules is expected as soon as this month.
15. Facebook said the latest News Feed changes will start to roll out in a month.

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