[Example Sentences]:
1. The military have always played a vital role in Venezuela since its independence in the 1800s.
2. He was promoted to the role of president in 2016.
3. He also played a key role when India tested its nuclear weapons in 1998.
4. She began to transition into a role as junior investing partner beginning in 2010.
5. He served in that role from 2007-10.
6. The evaluation will be published prior to the ECB assuming its supervisory role in November 2014.
7. He also has no plans to give up his role with the bee.
8. She realized that her role in this case was about more than legal counsel.
9. It is not clear if he was being investigated for his role in it.
10. I love it when I find a great role that they did not think of before.
11. I believe that Nokia too had a role to play in this along with mobile operators.
12. The social network has also taken on an unexpected role in international disasters.
13. His role is to give visibility to the real people in the company who test the network.
14. Cook was very clear that our role is and should be limited.
15. What kind of role Beats has inside a future Apple wearable is also something to watch. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home