[Example Sentences]:
1. The robot will be available sometime in late 2017.
2. The robot is put together in a system similar to bone-muscle-tendon.
3. The new design will likely attach to the end of a robot arm.
4. The company has been working on robot security solutions since before the current drone boom.
5. You can also customize it to control any robot you create.
6. Think you have what it takes to build a robot astronaut?
7. If a robot falls, it will have to get back up without human assistance.
8. When you start it up, you will see a little robot face sitting in your Windows tray.
9. We should be in the robot business, not just users of foreign robots.
10. The chief said the bomb robot was being used to confirm he was dead.
11. A robot that can walk around your house and open doors and go upstairs?
12. You have to teach a robot how to do that.
13. The lowest cost robot is one that exists in your computer.
14. The legs will help the robot move around the space station to complete simple tasks.
15. He said the girls had a day to test the robot in Afghanistan before it needed to be mailed. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home