[Example Sentences]:
1. There were bloody clashes between rival forces over five months in 2010 and 2011.
2. He said this was because the company expected staff to have received offers from rival carriers.
3. The company also plans to continue supporting the game on rival mobile and gaming platforms.
4. Although in those cases, rival specialized search sites can pay for placement.
5. Facebook rival Twitter does not yet allow editing of tweets.
6. Microsoft is a clear rival to Amazon Web Services, but a different animal entirely.
7. His government is supposed to replace two rival governments that have fought for two years.
8. Many rival phone makers do just that and wind up creating more chaos and confusion.
9. Apple, now its primary rival in its most important growth market.
10. There was a reported meeting between the rival militias overnight to calm recent tensions.
11. The option to hide or switch off rival links also was removed.
12. Abdullah accused his rival of extensive fraud in certain areas where he has a power base.
13. SAP is still a bigger application vendor, but Oracle expects to pass its rival soon.
14. Police say they believe the shooting stemmed from an ongoing dispute between two rival gangs.
15. The rival factions are each backed by different militias and tribes.

[Antonyms]surrender, yield, defer

[Synonyms]emulate, antagonize, contend
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