[Example Sentences]:
1. Doctors recommend that people at average risk begin getting screened for colon cancer at age 50.
2. If you live down there you do it at your own risk and at your own peril.
3. There is a risk of flight if you see a higher interest rate environment.
4. The risk report released Wednesday is the first of four on this class of chemicals.
5. What happens after someone is found to be at risk is another challenge.
6. The market is now acting like the risk was just the election.
7. We just have to get over these risk factors or these drags.
8. It is not only mobile devices at risk of surveillance and control.
9. To take the risk will be better than doing nothing.
10. It is essential to find out what others think even at the risk of being shot down.
11. A few banks work with the industry but do so quietly and risk prosecution.
12. The data is then used to create a risk score that is shown to the clinician.
13. There was no indication Thursday if any of the jurors were at risk of being dismissed.
14. There is reputation risk on the table for the companies that are involved.
15. We are trying to understand if there is any additional risk out there, he said.

[Antonyms]calculate, intend

[Synonyms]adventure, danger, endanger, jeopardy, peril, venture
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