[Example Sentences]:
1. This article has been updated with the death toll rising to 26.
2. This article has been updated with the death toll rising to 31.
3. The price of Bitcoin has been rising, and recently hit a high above $2,000.
4. Canadian Solar was the best performing solar stock of 2013, rising more than 800%.
5. Construction spending has been rising since 2012.
6. The Cantor Internet Index also modestly outperformed, rising 2.4%.
7. Earnings for fiscal 2014 came in at $4.41 a share, rising from $3.07.
8. He forecasts Kindle Fire sales of 10.5 million units this year, rising back to 11 million in 2014.
9. UBS shares gained 20 percent this year after rising 28 percent in 2012.
10. The S P 500 climbed 11.4 percent, after rising 29.6 percent in 2013.
11. There was clear anger among the voters against the rising cost of living.
12. The new app comes as teen road deaths are rising again after several years of decline.
13. We need to ensure that our city makes it possible for everyone to share in the rising prosperity.
14. The death toll in Venezuela appears likely to keep rising in the coming days.
15. In any case, other candidates for power have little hope of rising to the top.
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