[Example Sentences]:
1. Once it is level, set the index ring to 0, then turn the weight so it reads 1.5.
2. The Web giant has a balloon drop to help you put 2016 to rest and ring in 2017.
3. The ring can control a smartphone camera from a distance of a few feet.
4. The ring functioned from January 2004 to September 2005.
5. You can have it ring whenever the phone does or not at all.
6. Police said they thought the man would tell them when the ring emerged.
7. We are going to make the ring and close the company, he told the newspaper.
8. His fight outside the ring would cost him his title and his public standing.
9. Now you can pick out contacts that can make your phone ring individually.
10. You can also prompt Google to ring the phone in case it happens to be nearby.
11. The third ring appears to come and go, depending on space weather.
12. I got the life ring, and my main concern then was the officer.
13. His mother later sent a temporary ring to use until the couple could pick out something permanent.
14. Russia has promised to protect Sochi within a ring of steel.
15. They always ring on withheld number but the number to call back on is a premium number.
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