[Example Sentences]:
1. The minimum wage at the national level right now is $7.25.
2. This man right here was a good man, the family member told Cleveland 19.
3. Drag the right side of this bar so that it too ends at 9.
4. Daesh and others like it know that we have to get it right 24/7/365.
5. Our concern is they are not going to get it right, just like they did not get it right in 2010.
6. He also exercised his right to silence during the second of two rounds of questioning on March 19.
7. The default live wallpaper and touch sounds seem to be ripped right from the PlayStation 3.
8. If everything went right, the trip would cost around $2,000.
9. That was right out of the Serbian student playbook from 2000.
10. Russell Brown, Adobe creative director, at right in March 1991.
11. Cassandra insists she has the right to determine her own life span, whether that be 17 years or 100.
12. I was hit right here in the side of the face with a first.
13. In my view right now I can see six smartphone and tablet chargers.
14. You just want it to be the right people at the right time.
15. It is now the right time for me to take a different path.

[Antonyms]left, wrong

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