[Example Sentences]:
1. The typical fare for an airport ride back then was about $65.
2. The ride is timed to launch with the upcoming TV series in early 2017.
3. About 700 people have put down deposits for such a ride, which currently costs $250,000.
4. The app promises to find its users a ride in less than five minutes.
5. Just as they exist in order to help us get through the ride home on public transport.
6. The point is in order to provide you with a reliable ride, prices need to go up.
7. Its economy has had a rough ride over the last few years.
8. People have all different financial means and abilities to ride out such a storm.
9. The ride service had been profitable until last year, when it cut its minimum fares.
10. I figure I can do that on the plane ride over.
11. They need to ride the global economic growth wave.
12. Instead, the app will tell you how much your ride will cost before you make the booking.
13. Software gets a free ride but the ride will soon be over.
14. The Digital World is the next phase of our growth and we are ready to ride that wave.
15. I wonder about the ride quality for the two people inside, though.

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