[Definition]: total income, usually annual income

[Example Sentences]:
1. Mozilla has a search revenue deal with Google that has been renewed multiple times since 2005.
2. The company also said that advertising revenue growth would continue to lag user growth during 2017.
3. In late April, Apple reported a quarterly decline in revenue for the first time since 2003.
4. It had predicted revenue would fall by at least 6%.
5. He predicted the revenue slump will continue until the middle of 2015.
6. The company reiterated its forecast that total revenue growth will accelerate in 2017.
7. Over the last three years, revenue growth is actually accelerating at 23%.
8. Square is once again raising its revenue guidance for fiscal 2017.
9. The company said it expects revenue to range from $1.06 billion to $1.1.
10. Amazon also is predicting revenue in the fourth quarter could soar as much as 25%.
11. Yahoo posted modest revenue growth last year, the first gain since 2008.
12. Uber reported higher revenue than adjusted net losses in 2016.
13. Nokia expects to recognise the revenue in the second quarter of 2017.
14. Overall revenue for the current fiscal year ending in November is expected to drop 8%.
15. Sales tax revenue did not experience a downturn until October or November 2007.


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