[Example Sentences]:
1. A combat duty assignment in Afghanistan delayed her retirement until 2012.
2. It's not unreasonable to project a retirement plan to your late 90s.
3. What will it take to get you to contribute more to your retirement savings?
4. Buy the stock in a retirement account and just let it go.
5. Maybe you will not have to pay such high retirement or health care benefits.
6. He expects to sell the businesses and get his retirement savings from the proceeds.
7. What kind of work can you do in retirement abroad?
8. She has a union job that provides health insurance and retirement benefits.
9. The job cuts will come through early retirement and not replacing workers that leave.
10. Also, the company needs to know if a retirement wave will hit one product area hard.
11. First, there is old money and new money in a typical retirement plan.
12. That can make it tough to measure up to retirement savings benchmarks.
13. The party said in November that it would consider raising the retirement age.
14. For many women, saving more is the key to improving retirement security.
15. He said his retirement was unrelated to the email episode.

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