[Example Sentences]:
1. They have got to rethink because they are losing their shoppers.
2. They need to rethink their network infrastructure or be left behind.
3. Google wants users to rethink the way their favorite websites are funded.
4. Maybe we can convince the Brazilian government that they need to rethink that project.
5. The cloud enables us to rethink how business is run, and we see new ideas every day.
6. Business will need to adapt to this trend and rethink the role customer service plays.
7. This forces information providers to rethink how they deliver news to a new medium, he says.
8. The mounting pressure has forced some companies like Google to rethink their approaches.
9. It could make sense for the county to rethink its expectations and scale back the anticipated scope.
10. So we need to rethink these policies, including the crude export policy.
11. We saw it as an opportunity to rethink what we were going to need in the long term, he said.
12. Companies need to rethink and come back to an interconnected platform approach.
13. Some voices in unexpected places are urging a rethink of the plan.
14. It is time to rethink the core processes.
15. CIOs should rethink how they find, assess and deploy technologies. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home