[Example Sentences]:
1. We believe this will help us retain our people and also attract new talent.
2. It does not retain information once a device is turned off.
3. He will still remain CEO of Facebook and retain his majority voting position.
4. Business technology is defined as systems and process that organisations use to retain customers.
5. Most of the groups that weighed in on the case urged the court to retain the injunction.
6. He declined to comment on whether Motorola would retain the workers.
7. He added, This is crucial to be able to attract and retain top talent.
8. An event like this, saved by time machine is probably a customer you retain for life.
9. The big question is whether Tesla can grow dramatically and still retain its unique cachet.
10. The third option would be to retain the status quo.
11. I want to retain Steve and the management team.
12. They will retain unlimited calls and SMS texts to and from standard numbers.
13. If we pay more to attract people, then their employers are going to be paying more to retain them.
14. SoftBank said it would retain full ownership of both companies.
15. She would probably retain that immunity as the court decides her fate.

[Antonyms]abdicate, administer, afford, allot, apportion, award, convey, distil, distribute, emit, launch, lend, lose, pay, relinquish, send, yield

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