[Example Sentences]:
1. Look for a retailer that works with Apple Pay to give it a try on the iPhone 6.
2. The retailer said sales for the three months to 28 March rose by 1.9%.
3. Shares of the retailer slipped $1.10 to close at $81.96.
4. The retailer has not said how many customers were affected by its breach.
5. The online retailer suffered one of the biggest data breaches yet reported by an online retailer.
6. The retailer said it has enough money to fund the costs.
7. Imagine having to go to a retailer to upgrade an application on your smartphone or tablet.
8. So you may have to go with a smaller retailer when you look to save money this way.
9. There are other factors that will drive shoppers to choose one retailer over another.
10. If you are a major retailer and you do not have a digital assistant then you are in trouble.
11. In recent years, the consumer electronics retailer has been has lost sales to online retailers.
12. The day has seen retailer and consumer interest grow with each passing year.
13. The retailer did not disclose how many glasses have been recalled.
14. Using the data to improve the retailer environment can be very beneficial.
15. It also might give the retailer negotiating leverage with the largest carriers.

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