[Example Sentences]:
1. Microsoft reported mixed results for the first calendar quarter of 2015.
2. The two times the stock climbed after results, the average gain was 8%.
3. Apple had planned to release results on Monday, April 25.
4. The company said it is conducting a full review, and it will announce the results by April 30.
5. If the official results confirm that, a runoff will be held April 18.
6. Those results were published in 2012.
7. Its stock price is up 39 percent since it reported quarterly results on July 24.
8. If you exclude results from Apple, however, that growth jumps to 12.7%.
9. Still, that was enough to send shares down 11 percent since it reported results January 17.
10. Financial results showed hefty revenue growth of 57% in the last nine months of 2013.
11. Instant results are so 2004.
12. Google also recently released results that showed a need for more diversity.
13. It will report its full quarterly results at the end of the month.
14. Amazon only began breaking out results from that business during the first quarter.
15. This has been a very difficult sales process and the results reflect that. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home