[Definition]: the outcome, consequence

[Example Sentences]:
1. As a result, the stock closed flat at $38.23.
2. As a result, Google has decided to extend the global program through the end of 2016.
3. As a result, the topic is one of the highest priorities facing businesses and regulators in 2015.
4. The result is that the ideological balance on the court is likely to carry forward through 2016.
5. Job losses did result the last time Congress initiated a tax holiday, in 2004.
6. The official result will be announced July 21 or 22.
7. As a result, the company returned an aggregate of $1.00 billion to shareholders in fiscal 2017.
8. The UK economy expanded by 3% last year in its best result since 2006.
9. As a result, overall mobile data traffic grew 69% in 2014.
10. As a result, consumers will be getting two sizes, one at a 9.7-inch, the other at 8-inch.
11. All these modifications result in a retail price of $339, which is nearly $400 less than the 1520.
12. The result has been a major increase in the use of the tool.
13. So it may or may not result in better performance for customers.
14. This is not as a result of any change in our policies.
15. The result showed that Samsung was on track for a recovery.

[Antonyms]cause, beginning, commencement

[Synonyms]consequence, issue, conclusion © 2020  Terms of Use | Home