[Example Sentences]:
1. It said calls had since been restored and that it is working to restore full service.
2. We need action to restore the faith among the community and local governments.
3. There has to be a strong push from the industry to restore rates.
4. Samsung needs a winner in its next smartphone to restore customer confidence.
5. You can restore via download or ask for your data on a hard drive.
6. The company said today that crews were still working around the clock to restore normal service.
7. You can then restore that backup onto your new phone during the setup process.
8. Users are then asked to pay a ransom to restore access to their data.
9. The ministry said Russia would use all our influence to restore peace and calm.
10. As a result, we can begin to restore some of the pay.
11. The agency should be taking steps to restore that credibility.
12. Monday as crews were trying to restore power following an outage.
13. They may be called upon also to help restore normal operations after an asset compromise.
14. We must restore integrity and the rule of law to our borders.
15. He said in a televised statement late Tuesday that Hamas leaders in Gaza want to restore calm.

[Antonyms]remove, steal, appropriate

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