[Definition]: the reply, answer

[Example Sentences]:
1. Less work for the database and faster response times for the user, the company said.5.
2. The mostly flat sales for Windows PCs reflect a tepid response to Windows 8.
3. Previously, Google was supposed to file a response by July 27.
4. In response, the Department of Treasury moved its website to Amazon EC2 early in January 2011.
5. He said he expected a response from the agency within the next fortnight.
6. I think we need to get the response back from the authorities.
7. It was not clear from the file whether any action was taken in response to the letter.
8. In response, a significant part of the tech community went to the barricades.
9. I will update this post with an official response if and when I hear back.
10. Taylor said the agency got overwhelming response when it sent out a call for new ideas.
11. She said the company was reviewing its appeals process in response to public feedback.
12. The company dismissed the notion that this is in response to a single competitor.
13. The response from the police side has not been encouraging.
14. His response to us was he was aware of the comment.
15. There was no response to calls to his home, family and neighbors. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home