[Example Sentences]:
1. The internet is a global resource and so should be the way it is managed.
2. The software can link data about a single resource that may come from multiple systems.
3. We want to see this valuable resource made available for further use by the public.
4. He said a crisis resource team was at the church to work with the family.
5. The opinion of people that believe in resource development is that trees grow.
6. The central issue is the scale of the problem and development resource constraints.
7. The job of a disk partition is to be a target storage resource for a bucket.
8. These batteries are a huge resource, and we are going to need them.
9. Having the camera as a shared resource can make sense, he added.
10. This allows us to perform our own resource optimization and management algorithms.
11. Time is our most precious resource, even if we do waste it on a daily basis.
12. However, these are built for resource management rather than software management.
13. She wanted an outcome where choices on resource allocation could be made.
14. It is the most powerful resource in existence.
15. The appliance appears as a network resource in a Virtual Private Cloud VPC. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home