[Example Sentences]:
1. One local resident told the Associated Press the building was only supposed to have four storeys.
2. In one year you can apply to become a permanent resident of the United States, the judge said.
3. She was a local resident rather than a patient.
4. You could hear a pin drop at one of them, a local resident said.
5. One resident jumped from the second floor to escape and suffered a broken leg in the fall.
6. The online conversation with the Mosul resident began with pleasantries.
7. Another resident who felt her house shaking thought it was a twister.
8. More than anything, the residents wonder if anything more will actually from resident outcry.
9. The Dallas resident said the crowded room watched closely and remained calm.
10. The Hollywood resident said he loves food but not cooking.
11. So instead of notifying police, a resident might do nothing at all.
12. The offer was a bid from a longtime resident of the area who plans to buy the house and restore it.
13. It is the poorer, rural population who would be resident during the cold winter months.
14. Had to put money together, East Bay resident Austin Allen wrote to this newspaper.
15. San Francisco resident Karen Ramirez was on a Black Friday tour of the Bay Area with friends. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home