[Definition]: in need of, ask for

[Example Sentences]:
1. Office Mobile, on the other hand, will require you to subscribe to Office 365.
2. Tiny Vermont is the first state to require such labeling, effective July 1.
3. If passed the measure would require the government to cut annual immigration from 80,000 to 16, 000.
4. These new plans require that consumers buy their phone at full price.
5. All these plans with the best pricing require you to set up autopay.
6. It would also require companies holding personal data give consumers access to it.
7. It will require new features in both network equipment and mobile devices.
8. There was talk about how Big data and the cloud will require new business processes.
9. It is expected to require an upgrade in a year and a replacement in five years.
10. Both methods are so easy to do that they require just about no effort at all.
11. It has said that its analysis tools require the collection of data in bulk.
12. The rules may require companies to change how they recruit.
13. They also would require that a drone remain in sight of its operator.
14. The app is easy to use, but it does require a lot of input and management.
15. It does require some effort and the cooperation of friends and family.

[Antonyms]beg, crave

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