[Example Sentences]:
1. There is reputation risk on the table for the companies that are involved.
2. The case seems to be more about reputation than money.
3. Samsung developed a reputation for reviewing every possible option before making a choice.
4. Cable as a whole has long had a poor reputation for customer satisfaction.
5. Because you are trying to grab the reputation of the other.
6. It was here that Ben first acquired a reputation as a manager.
7. Though it lost tremendous market share to Apple and others, that reputation is largely intact.
8. He quickly earned a reputation for being accessible to reporters.
9. The pilot argued that his professional reputation was destroyed because of the false claim.
10. That reputation can now be forever put to rest.
11. He had a good reputation for his strategic vision.
12. Nokia has built a reputation of delivering impressive cameras on its smartphones.
13. If venture firms want to court the best ones, they need to have a reputation for playing nice.
14. Each social network has a reputation of sorts.
15. Microsoft is planning to overhaul its Xbox Live reputation system.

[Antonyms]ignominy, infamy

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