[Example Sentences]:
1. Sony reportedly plans to start mass producing the smart eyewear later this 2015.
2. Microsoft also reportedly ordered an additional 30,000 units for the first quarter of 2017.
3. Their father lived until age 82, and there reportedly was at least one aunt who lived past 100.
4. Opponents reportedly spent just over $100,000.
5. Scheib had recently moved from Florida to New Mexico, and reportedly went for a hike June 13.
6. The man reportedly said he thought what he was doing was not illegal.
7. The first of the smartphones reportedly will be available next year.
8. Microsoft is reportedly hard at work looking at the Windows vulnerabilities.
9. It has reportedly being going on for years as part of a sustained policy.
10. He was reportedly freed on Thursday but has not yet been seen in public.
11. What the arrangement will look like is reportedly still very much under discussion.
12. Facebook also reportedly knows more about us than most people may realize.
13. Police reportedly set off at least one other explosive device with a water cannon.
14. Google and other companies are reportedly working on similar ideas.
15. It is going to be the second largest mobile devices market after China, he reportedly said. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home