[Definition]: a statement for public to know

[Example Sentences]:
1. Analysts had expected Google to report earnings of $7.11.
2. That part of the program was well received, according to a report on the project from 2003.
3. Turnbull confirmed on Sunday that the report will likely be released on December 2.
4. The department will file a status report to the court by April 5.
5. The largest single trend noted in the report was the rise of ransomware in 2016.
6. Zynga is scheduled to report earnings after the close of markets on July 25.
7. The bank passed these observations and a test report onto the NBN Co team in October 2013.
8. Both report that desktop and laptop shipments have declined annually since 2012.
9. Manufacturers must report payments and gifts unless they are valued at under $10.
10. Amazon will report first quarter earnings for 2015 after market close on April 23.
11. Shares of eBay gained slightly ahead of the earnings report, closing up 43 cents to $57.24.
12. The senate committee inquiry is scheduled to report back by October 11.
13. The final report, published in book form, was released in April 2016.
14. A new Gartner report says sales in this category will rise 77 percent in 2015.
15. The latest report details accidents on June 4 and June 18.

[Antonyms]allegory, fabrication, fiction

[Synonyms]account, description, narration © 2020  Terms of Use | Home