[Example Sentences]:
1. The new policy allows for a complete device replacement, in line with the policy for the iPhone 5.
2. If iPhone 5 owners have the $99 AppleCare warranty, a screen replacement is $49.
3. The company shipped Windows 8, Windows 7's replacement, in October 2012.
4. You will need to test to see whether the replacement app.
5. It is expected to require an upgrade in a year and a replacement in five years.
6. He stressed that use of technology should not be seen a replacement for human care workers.
7. In August they started trying to get him a replacement passport.
8. The firm said it would take about two weeks to prepare replacement devices.
9. Holder says he will step down as soon as his replacement is confirmed.
10. His replacement needs to make clear that nothing Ballmer left behind is sacred.
11. She was unable to obtain a new replacement code, even though she had her receipt.
12. Each device is good for certain tasks and has its own replacement cycle.
13. You can also publish local applications into the shell replacement environment.
14. The easiest way to do that is to install a replacement launcher.
15. Some time further out, another button push could get you a replacement body part.

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