[Example Sentences]:
1. The first good step in any repair procedure is making the shopping list.
2. He also used a piece of its glass to repair a clock.
3. One of their ships was abandoned as being beyond repair after the men were rescued.
4. The team works to repair damage from more than nine decades in the desert.
5. He said efforts will also be made to quickly repair water infrastructure to reduce loss of water.
6. In truth, I have had little use for any disk repair utility over the past several years.
7. Whether Uber can repair the damage around its public image is another question.
8. Some larger elements of technology would have taken years to repair, apparently.
9. He ordered an investigation and pledged to repair the damage.
10. Take your device to Apple for a repair estimate.
11. Everything of that age needs a bit more attention, so such a repair will be highly scrutinized.
12. He had once left his small electronics repair shop unlocked overnight, and no one took a thing.
13. Uber has been trying to repair a sometimes rocky relationship with its drivers across the country.
14. Will a quick fix mobile repair service provide a quick fix for RadioShack?
15. When you have a hard drive that otherwise seems beyond repair, this is the utility you want to have.

[Antonyms]break, damage

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