[Example Sentences]:
1. Facebook said it would probably not renew its membership but did not say why.
2. We did not renew their deal when they wanted a premium.
3. Democrats seized on the budget report Monday to renew their attacks on the Republican legislation.
4. So next week, Obama is expected to renew sanctions for another year.
5. The Health Department is currently reviewing whether to renew that agreement.
6. There is no other answer in this business other than to say you renew yourself every day, he added.
7. Obama said last week that he would renew efforts to get Congress to pass a federal shield law.
8. Speculation is also growing Apple may not renew a mobile search deal.
9. The district later refused to renew his contract.
10. Businesses must renew their registration every two years.
11. It will renew concerns about enforcing building safety regulations in China, correspondents say.

[Antonyms]corrode, wear

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