[Example Sentences]:
1. Many of the systems enable users to remotely turn on and off lights.
2. You can also use the app to remotely lock the tablet or wipe personal data from it.
3. I access all my files remotely from both of these devices, creating the ultimate mobile office.
4. On the last day, everything on the corporate side of the device can be remotely wiped.
5. It is controlled remotely by a group of four operators.
6. More employees are working remotely than before, and the trend is only going up.
7. Here is a closer look at how safe data is when stored remotely on these services.
8. You can remotely shut down Apple Pay on your device through the Find My iPhone feature.
9. By making remotely accessed Mac programs act as much like native iOS apps as possible.
10. The smartphone app also lets you remotely schedule cleaning.
11. Users could then remotely control every appliance with a Xiaomi developed app on their smartphone.
12. They also can improve adoption by taking steps such as remotely deploying an updated UC client.
13. Mobile email profiles can be remotely wiped along with emails stored in an affected account.
14. Many hobbyists now use NFC to control their cameras remotely from tablets and smartphones.

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