[Example Sentences]:
1. The iPhone version remains at its current price of $3.
2. The company said its financial position remains strong going into the financial year ending 2015.
3. They hope to determine whether remains are the students all men whose average age is about 20.
4. The national terrorism threat level for Canada remains at a medium, which it has been at since 2014.
5. The starting price remains at $499.
6. For budget buyers, that one configuration is unfortunately the base model, which remains at $799.
7. Still, it remains in line with the projected growth of 6 percent for 2016.
8. Although that figure remains high, it represents a 38 percent drop from 2001.
9. Yet after a year as a public company its stock remains roughly 40% below its offering price of $38.
10. The index still remains down 2.6 percent for the year after surging 37 percent in 2013.
11. Pricing remains an issue, despite the drop in MSRP from $800 to $600.
12. The document remains classified as top secret, with a declassification date of October 16,2037.
13. Hartman remains jailed with bail increased to $30,000.
14. Unemployment remains stubbornly high at an estimated 11%.
15. It remains to be seen if the latest devices are more appealing.

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