[Example Sentences]:
1. What to do if you want to try the software without relying on a beta every day.
2. For now, the town is relying on outside help as they search for new officers.
3. It can also automatically take out of service those servers relying on the failing components.
4. The old model of relying on federal funding is no longer viable, he said.
5. It has also cut back on labor costs, relying more on automation.
6. The key for Google will be relying on developer pull rather than account or marketing push.
7. We decided on this approach ourselves, relying on some market research but also our own instincts.
8. The opposition is relying on a huge conspiracy to explain its margin of defeat.
9. The president has long been skeptical of relying solely on this strategy.
10. Law enforcement officials say they see increasingly more gangs relying on such crimes.
11. Pandora has angered the music industry by relying on government bodies to set rates.
12. Canada is not relying on ads and visas alone to appeal to companies.
13. The society was almost coping with this on its own, more than relying on the government.
14. Those leaning back and relying on their current success will soon bite the dust. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home