[Example Sentences]:
1. Vatican officials say he will bring both a religious and a political message.
2. His program provides religious as well as emotional support to encourage success.
3. They said they had nothing to hide and have accused the government of religious persecution.
4. At a joint news conference local religious leaders condemned the attack and appealed for unity.
5. Indiana is also the first state this year to act on a religious freedom law.
6. He decided the only way to fight back was through an active religious discourse.
7. This project is not against our religious values at all.
8. He wanted to view more of the religious things.
9. He spoke truth to power, and not a lot of religious leaders do that.
10. The religious and ethnic diversity has created tensions over the past decade.
11. Last year was also a bloody one in the fight for religious freedom.
12. There was no sign that the family was particularly religious, she added.
13. Palestinian leaders have also said Israel risks turning the political conflict into a religious war.
14. They have a near religious following that constantly gives them feedback.
15. It says government cannot put a substantial burden on religious practices.

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