[Example Sentences]:
1. He relies on his summer business to get through the winter.
2. In other words, the security of the software again relies on a third party.
3. Yet it still relies on partners to license its operating system to make devices of their own.
4. It relies on ad sales for the majority of its revenue.
5. With three children, she said she relies on public assistance to make ends meet.
6. Rather, it relies on the vendors to provide it with information about the use of the panels.
7. The device relies heavily on the camera feed and its associated algorithms.
8. The nation relies on exports to generate about half its total output.
9. Of course, all that relies on the feature working as intended.
10. A Docker container is a form of virtualization that relies on the underlying host operating system.
11. For now, the company still largely relies on human workers.
12. Like any business, much of it relies on the web.
13. Japan relies on the Middle East for much of its crude oil imports.
14. China is one of the biggest aviation markets but relies on Boeing and Airbus aircraft.
15. This section of the game relies on indirect control of your minions. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home