[Example Sentences]:
1. By and large, the North was a reliable maker of missiles in the 1980s, ’90s and into the 2000s.
2. We need to make sure that happens every time in a reliable way.
3. There are hundreds of thousands of great applications that are reliable and crash less often.
4. Power needs to become more reliable and more fibre needs to be laid.
5. The point is in order to provide you with a reliable ride, prices need to go up.
6. The guests at the private home followed the most reliable way to get face time with the president.
7. Yelp is a free app that delivers some of the most reliable local reviews in this roundup.
8. No As has been pointed out to me by a reliable source, there is a way back.
9. The US reading is considered by many to be more reliable and often shows a higher pollution count.
10. A consistent and reliable connection can be maintained with every device connected to the network.
11. The newspaper cited usually reliable people that it did not further identify.
12. It has a simple and beautiful design across devices for a reliable, consistent experience.
13. Access is key, as healthcare cloud technology needs to be reliable all the time.
14. Make sure you have a reliable backup of your library, just in case.
15. Information obtained from third party sources are believed to be reliable but not guaranteed.


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