[Example Sentences]:
1. The artificial muscles then relax and go through the process again for the next cycle.
2. The report is part of a review that will decide whether to relax the standards or keep them in place.
3. Its decision to relax domestic restrictions against marijuana forms part of a broader global trend.
4. By watching customers, engineers found that people wanted to relax in their SUVs with less complexity.
5. For one, some patrons go in there to relax and get away from other people constantly interacting with their phones.
6. People come to bars to relax and socialize.
7. That early hour might even relax a little, with so much community to be found in the initial excitement surrounding the game.
8. Then acquire the target, relax your breathing and squeeze the trigger gently with the tip of the finger on the out-breath.
9. Arizona, Oklahoma and Ohio all use midazolam, a drug more commonly given to help patients relax before surgery.

[Antonyms]bolster, bridle, cling, enforce, harden

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