[Example Sentences]:
1. The Ministry said Monday that it had been in contact with relatives of the migrants.
2. His family said he had relatives and friends who lived in the area.
3. Some close relatives learned of the charge only days before the shooting.
4. He said he wanted to host some relatives for a quiet weekend in the mountains.
5. In the chaos outside the court relatives could not find out which men had been condemned to hang.
6. The diplomatic service was full of his relatives and friends.
7. He said his parents and other relatives were still missing.
8. For the relatives of the three victims there is relief.
9. Those children were being delivered to the relatives who waited outside.
10. He defended family members being in the White House, saying relatives are more candid.
11. He said Russian relatives will describe how he seemed during that visit.
12. This, means many of the relatives of the victims will not be entitled to compensation.
13. She asked her relatives to leave the room, saying she was more comfortable speaking alone.
14. He said a cousin and three other relatives were among dozens of people killed there last week.
15. The port is also where many relatives of the missing are waiting for news about their loved ones. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home