[Definition]: how people related to each other

[Example Sentences]:
1. He did not elaborate on the relationship with the 25-year-old.
2. They began a relationship and married in 1952.
3. He just came along at the right time and a real relationship developed.
4. You were in a relationship and it was just two of you.
5. We value our relationship with our customers and work hard to communicate clearly.
6. The tech industry has its own reasons to see the relationship repaired.
7. You need to build a relationship with the proper app store manager in your vertical.
8. This will not cause more damage to our relationship is that even possible at this point?
9. Administration officials hope the deal can open the way to a new relationship between the countries.
10. There has always existed a relationship between networks and their users and a set of values.
11. It is far better to have that relationship in advance of a budget request.
12. The city will not end its relationship with the bank immediately.
13. What relationship the man and woman had if any is unknown.
14. The percentage relationship has remained about what it was a few years ago.
15. They have not named a motive or said what relationship he has to the dead.

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